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What is meant by Bulk Hiring?

Bulk hiring is the process is very different from normal recruitment process. The process involves hiring of a large number of employees in a short period. It is an ideal option for companies that are looking to fill many positions at the same time. The company engages in bulk hiring for various reasons. 

  • Expansion of the company 
  • Creating an entirely new department 
  • The rise in seasonal work

Generally, the process of bulk hiring like sourcing, screening, interviewing and onboarding goes rapidly. The primary goal here is to fill the vacant position as soon as possible.

Challenges of Bulk Hiring

Sometimes the company’s requirements in bulk hiring are so many that creates many challenges for the recruiting department. We have listed some challenges below.

  1. Talented Candidates– The limited amount of data can lead the recruiters to have incompetent candidates. These candidates could have limited skills and experience as per the job requirement.
  2. Lack of Time – The start of an entirely new department or office could pressure the recruiters to fill the vacant position within a specific time.
  3. Increased Pressure– Filling up the vacant positions rapidly could be a hectic task for the organization’s recruitment department. The process of interviewing, documentation, and onboarding could create stress for the existing employees.
  4. Lack of coordination and communication– Bulk hiring could become messy if the team is working on the same project without any clear direction. Everyone must know their specific part to make the hiring process smooth and productive.

How Traident can help in your bulk hiring

Traident’s team of professional recruiters knows the right strategies and insights to attract a pool of talented candidates. These strategies allow them to find qualified candidates more easily and quickly, saving both time and money.

We evaluate the organization’s specifications and requirements to understand their need and find suitable candidates. Our team will assist the organization throughout the whole process from sourcing to onboarding. We will also make sure that the coordination runs smoothly between the candidate and the organization.

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