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What is Non-IT Recruitment?

Non-IT recruitment is the process of finding candidates for a job that does not require any technical skills. It can be done internally by the company itself or outsourced to a third-party agency. Non-IT recruitment involves many of the same steps as IT recruitment, but it differs in the following ways:

Non-technical roles are more difficult to find and attract than technical roles because they require soft skills, creativity, and excellent communication skills.

Types of Non-IT Recruitment?

  1. Internal Recruitment 
  2. External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment

In this type of recruitment, organizations tend to choose the candidate for the vacant position, within the organization. They can do this by finding competent employees whose skills and experience match the job position.
They can also take employee referral who is eligible for the job profile.

Advantages of Internal Non-IT Recruitment

  • Cost Effective
  • Time-Saving 
  • Promote employee engagement 
  • Reduce onboarding time

External Recruitment

It means recruiting candidates to fill the vacant position outside the organization. This process includes various methods like

  • Advertising
  • Job Portals
  • Event recruiting
  • Career fair
  • Online Recruiting
  • Employment agencies
  • Social Media 

Advantages of External Non-IT Recruitment

  • Selection from more candidates
  • Increases Diversity
  • Bring more talent 
  • Getting specialized candidates
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