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What is Recruitment Process?

A recruitment process includes recognizing, sourcing, screening, shortlisting, interviewing, and onboarding candidates for jobs. The goal is to provide skilled people for an organization to fill the vacant position.
Many organizations- small or big, rely on recruiting agencies for filling the vacant positions in their organization. In some cases, companies exclusively depend on an advertisement, social media, and job listing sites to make their recruitment process easy and efficient.

Factors affecting the recruitment process

  • Organization size 
  • Salary structure
  • Organization growth rate
  • Work culture in the organization
  • Candidates applying for the position

What is sourcing in the recruitment process?

To fill job vacancies, sourcing is the strategy to identify and attract candidates. Various media may be used to advertise jobs, including job portals, local and national newspapers, social media, job centers, career fairs, and the internet in a variety of ways.

Screening and Selection

The screening phase involves organizing the data gathered during the sourcing phase. The selection of the CV process starts with selecting qualified candidates. These candidates must possess the skills, experience, and education required by the company.

Recruiters and companies also assess the qualities like personality development, general intelligence, and leadership qualities by giving them a psychological test. In many organizations and recruitment agencies, online video screening is used to assess these qualities without the need to invite the candidate in person.


After the screening phase, the recruiter schedules interviews with the shortlisted candidates. The nature of the interview could be telephonic or video conferencing. In this round, the organization could evaluate the knowledge, skills, and experience of the candidates. This step further narrow down the candidates by eliminating irrelevant profile.

Making the Job Offer

This phase includes giving offer letters to the selected candidates. The offer letter should contain important details like the date of joining, working hours, work-related policies, benefits, and perks.

How Traident's recruiting team makes hiring easy

A good recruitment team makes the hiring process flexible with on-time delivery. It ensures that the organization’s productivity doesn’t hamper by vacant positions. We here in tradient provides the best IT Recruitment, Non IT Recruitment and Bulk Hiring services.  

Traident’s recruitment team ensures that-

  • We target the right candidates for the organization.
  • We write the job that gives the candidate a little insight into the requirements of the job profile. Are they fit for the job or not?  
  • We build a proper communication channel between the candidate and the company.
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