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What is ppc

What is PPC?

PPC means pay-per-click. It is an online advertising model in which the advertiser pays a certain amount of fee to the publisher when the ad is clicked. It could be on a search engine, a website, or a social media platform. PPC ads could be of various types like text, images, or videos.

PPC ads are worth going for when they work correctly. Suppose you run a PPC campaign for a product purchase on your website. If you pay ₹20 for a click and this results in the purchase of a ₹1000 product, then it is worth it.   

Important PPC Ad Platforms

  1. Google Ads- How many times did you search your query on google? If you didn’t remember, then let me tell you a fact. With 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is the biggest search engine on the planet. That’s why Google is the best place for advertisements.
google ppc ads

2. Facebook Ads- With Facebook ads, you will have the largest social media audience. It allows you to target your audience based on interest, demographics, location, and behaviour. Plus, you can also handle Instagram ads from your Facebook ads account as well.

facebook ads

2. Binge Ads– With a market share of around 9%. Binge ads are cheaper compared to google ads.

binge ads

Benefits of PPC Advertisement

benefits of ppc
  1. It allows you to target your ideal customers- PPC platforms allow advertisers to target a particular audience who take an interest in the ad and might make a purchase. Search Engine algorithms identify keywords people search online for solutions- In this way, ads have been shown to them. In addition to keywords, PPC ads allow you to target your ads based on past online activity or demographic data.
  2. Results are instant after setup- Organic rankings are good but are very hard to get. SEO takes time, it could take months, even a year, to get to the ranking on the SERP. This is where PPC comes in. It could help you to get a higher ranking on the SERP after launching your campaign.
  3. You can control your ads- PPC ads need constant supervision. You have to control the keywords you’re targeting and budgeting.
  4. You can run your ads in a particular area- Ads can be set up in a way that they can be shown to the audience of a particular city or area.
  5. PPC ads are cost-effective- It can drive conversion to websites or landing pages. Since you only get charged when a visitor visits your site. If he makes a purchase, then the money spent is worth it.
  6. Run ads for your brand new website- A new website has a low domain rating. So it could be highly competitive to get an organic rank on your targeted keywords. With PPC ads, it becomes easy to rank on keywords your audience is searching on.

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